Creative Writing Notebook, Take a step closer to becoming a writer each day, which is prepared by Mürsel Çavuş and is on sale at, is now at discount!

Creative Writing Notebook, Take a step closer to becoming a writer each day, which has been published in the USA, at and in 11 countries, celebrates its first anniversary with a campaign. The book is now offered for sale from 9$.

Creative Writing Notebook has been designed to turn you into a better writer as days pass with the questions inside. This notebook reveals the potential inside of you with directions while developing your imagination and writing skills. By means of this notebook; you will understand the areas at what you are more talented to write, realize yourself, the events and how you will tell what you want to tell, and have so much fun as well.

Mürsel Çavuş, who has been editing hundreds of books and giving education seminars on writing for 22 years: “Learning is possible through 10% formal education, 20% teacher-student relationship and 70% experience. Creative Writing workshops or books that teach how to write include theoretical information. This information should be supported with practices. This notebook enables you to make practices every day. Each question has a different function… Some of the questions aim to develop writing dialogues, some of them to develop descriptive narration of the place, some of them to develop expression of feelings and some of them to develop imagination. There are different exercises for you to find out at which genre you will like to write. You are going to learn a lot of new things about yourself and realize how much you have developed as you complete the notebook.” Digital Agency